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Avaya IP Office

Avaya VoIP phone systems, such as the Avaya IP Office, are the right choice for small to medium size businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth and nationally. Avaya IP Office supports deployments up to 2000 stations and 32 sites nationwide. And now you have a brand new line of Avaya VoIP phones to choose from with the all new J100 series! Gigabit VoIP and wireless options are available. See photos above. If you're just getting started or already established and have a single office or multi-office configuration, Avaya IP Office is the the right solution for your business. Avaya IP Office unifies your communications, providing your employees with a solution that lets them handle all of their business communications on the device of their choice; laptop, mobile phone, office phone or home phone, using wired or wireless broadband services.

In today's work environment, the ability to quickly relocate your staff remotely and continue business operations can be vital to your success. The Avaya IP Office VoIP phone system gives you the ability to quickly move your staff remote and work from anywhere with internet access and VoIP phones with optional desktop software and mobile device integration. Avaya IP Office also has wireless VoIP phone options! Ask us today for more detail on how you can benefit from the Avaya IP Office VoIP phone system design.

Avaya IP Office is available for single or multi-office installations, or remote workers, with larger project designs on a nationwide basis. Please request a quote or call our office for more information.