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Office Telesystems

Office Telesystems offers call recording systems in Dallas-Fort Worth and nationwide to add to your cloud or premise based telephone system. We offer the finest in call recording solutions from Versadial and Intelligent Recording. Many businesses have a need for a call recording system for their offices, whether a small business with 3 phones or a 30,000 employee multi office enterprise. Request a Quote today.

Call recording systems can be utilized for on-demand recording or full-time call recording for every call in and out of the office. These two outstanding recording products offer analog, digital and VoIP recording solutions from Versadial and Intelligent Recording are for any and all recording applications, in single and/or multi office design.

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There are five fundamental reasons why you should record phone calls:

  • 1 Improve Customer Service
  • 2 Record Transactions of Value
  • 3 Comply With Industry Regulations
  • 4 Legal Compliance
  • 5 Increase Security and Avoid Abuse