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Office Telesystems has been an authorized dealer for Samsung phone systems in the Dallas Fort Worth area since 2011. After many successful years on the market Samsung Electronics America (SEA) has ended the sale of the Samsung OfficeServ phone system products as of September 30, 2019.

The last day to order new Samsung OfficeServ phone systems, cards and VoIP phones was September 30, 2019 and licensing is no longer available as of September 30, 2020. We will continue to provide support for all Samsung phone system products with refurbished parts and service until you are ready to move to a supported cloud VoIP or premise based VoIP system replacement. Manufacturer technical support from Samsung will stop on September 30, 2021. As it has been, in-warranty hardware repair/replacement will continue for 5 years after the date of purchase. The last day for any warranty coverage still valid will be September 30, 2024.

If you have a significant investment in your Samsung system, count on Office Telesystems expert technicians to help you get as much as possible out of your investment until the time is right for you to invest in new technology.

Though Samsung has proven to offer a feature rich, reliable solution for many of our customers, due to the now limited manufacturer support, you should start looking at new technology to replace your Samsung system now or in the near future to avoid extended downtimes in case of a system failure. Check out our Products page for all new, supported products we carry, including cloud and premise based system options.

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