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VoIP Phone Systems for Dallas-Fort Worth and Nationally

Let Office Telesystems provide you a VoIP phone system

For your business in Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW area, regionally, and nationally. Options include cloud VoIP phone systems, premise-based or hybrid VoIP PBX system, or a digital PBX system. We have a solution that can be tailored for your specific business needs. Incorporate overhead paging, audio visual or structured cabling for complete unified communications solution from Office Telesystems!

VoIP phone systems are the standard for business offices

So if you're hanging on to that 15-20+ year old phone system, the benefits of VoIP voice technology far outweigh any perceived expense. In addition, VoIP phone systems allow you to quickly move your staff remotely and conduct business as if you are all in the office, vital in today's business environment. Manufacturers are dropping support on their older legacy systems (generally 7 years or older), so if you have that older telephone system the time to change is now!

Even if you think you can't afford a new VoIP phone system...

The return on your investment can pay for your new VoIP solution very quickly and in many different ways. There are 3 main VoIP phone system designs. These include cloud VoIP phone systems (also known as hosted VoIP or cloud PBX phone systems), premise-based VoIP, or hybrid VoIP PBX systems. All 3 offer single office and multi-office design and allow you to have remote workers. You don't want VoIP phones? Digital phone systems are still available as well, which you can convert to VoIP phones later, or mix and match phones! View all phone systems we carry on our Products page, with links to all brands.

Multi-Office VoIP
Polycom VVX500

If your Dallas-Fort Worth business has several offices, local, nationwide, or even worldwide, linking your offices via a multi-office VoIP system from Office Telesystems can be extremely beneficial, providing increased internal communications throughout your offices, increased productivity, and return on your investment. Multi-office VoIP phone systems are available in cloud-hosted VoIP or premise-based VoIP design. Product choices include premise based options such as NEC, Avaya, and Mitel, with cloud VoIP from NetFortris Fonality. Check out our Products page for more information or Request a Quote.

Office Telesystems has several of the top brand name multi-office VoIP systems available in either design option mentioned, including NEC, Avaya, Mitel and cloud VoIP systems from NetFortris Fonality. See our Products section for more information on the specific systems we carry.

Cloud VoIP phone systems can be utilized in a multi-office VoIP design or a single office design. Desk sets are provided for your offices at each location that links back to an offsite, centralized server provided by the cloud phone system provider See the NetFortris Fonality cloud platform on our Products page for more information on this robust, business-grade Cloud system.

For premise-based systems, there are two primary designs for multi-office VoIP, a system-to-system VoIP network and one centralized VoIP server linked to VoIP phones at the local and remote offices. There are also options with premised-based hybrid VoIP systems where you can use digital phones at each local server location with a VoIP link between locations. This can reduce your reliance on the VoIP network. Ask your expert sales representative at Office Telesystems which scenario is right for your multi-office VoIP solution.

Hybrid VoIP Phone System

So what are hybrid VoIP phone systems? For many companies, a network equipment upgrade or additional network cabling is required to implement a VoIP phone system, whether it’s a cloud VoIP system or a premise-based VoIP system design. This can make a VoIP phone system cost-prohibitive for many businesses. With this, many companies opt for a hybrid VoIP phone system. Examples of a hybrid VoIP system are from NEC, Avaya, Mitel and other brands we support.

A hybrid VoIP phone system is, simply put, a system that can support VoIP technology and can also utilize traditional digital telephones, analog devices such as conference phones and faxes and traditional phone services from your carrier. Though much of today's technology marketing is geared toward cloud VoIP phone systems, a recent research study shows hybrid VoIP systems still retain around 60% of all new and current systems today. Many hybrid VoIP phone system implementations utilize digital or VoIP telephones at the main office where the server is located and can utilize analog, PRI, or SIP (VoIP) trunks for phone lines. VoIP technology is optional and can be used where needed, such as another office utilizing the same system server with a VoIP link to the main system server or one or more seperate servers linking back to a main server via VoIP. Check out our Products page for all of the hybrid VoIP phone systems we offer.

If the telephones are likely to remain at a desk location indefinitely, VoIP telephone handsets are not always necessary. You can significantly reduce network upgrade costs by utilizing a digital or analog telephone at this location. It can make a new solution much more budget-friendly. As mentioned, you can even utilize SIP trunks, a VoIP type delivery of your phone lines, and still utilize digital telephones on your system!

You truly get the best of both worlds with a hybrid VoIP phone system; low-cost implementation, potentially no added network considerations, network multiple locations at minimal expense, utilize existing cabling infrastructure, proven reliability, and most or all of the same features as cloud VoIP are available. You can even have easy payments on a hybrid VoIP system and a lower cost of ownership long term. Ask our experienced staff about how hybrid VoIP systems could be the right solution for your office environment.

Remote VoIP phones are available for a hybrid VoIP phone system as well! Contact one of our expert sales representatives today or go to our Request a Quote page and submit a request!

Call Center Phone System

Office Telesystems offers call center phone systems for Dallas, Fort Worth, and regionally for inbound and outbound ACD call center needs, in cloud or premise based VoIP system design. For call center phone system applications with high customer service demands, we can provide integration to programs such as Salesforce, ACT, Goldmine, and other CRM software platforms which allow for VIP service for your best clients, rapid response for customer order placement and quick solution options for all clients.

ACD, or Automatic Call Distribution, automatically distributes callers to the agent who has been idle the longest. Skills-based routing can route callers to a specialist that handles the specific need of that customer. Our design engineers specialize in working with each company's needs and customizing a call center's phone system to realize maximum employee productivity and profitability for your call center, allowing you to handle more customers per day. Cloud VoIP and premise-based hybrid VoIP call center phone system options are available in single and multi office designs.

Cloud VoIP Call Center Phone Systems

As mentioned, Office Telesystems has call center phone systems in 2 major system designs, cloud VoIP and premise based VoIP design. With a cloud VOIP call center design, you'll have the latest system software features available, such as integration to your contact management software (CRM), call accounting for call reports, call recording of your calls manually or automatically, manager barge in, real-time listing of calls in progress, conference calling, dashboard, skills-based routing, and more. See our products page for all products we carry for all call center designs.

Desktop software is included with a cloud VoIP system from NetFortris/Fonality, which shows extension status, conference calling, text, chat, file share, and more! Several different model desktop phones are available from Polycom and Yealink as well. NetFortris/Fonality can be custom designed for your call center needs for local, regional, or nationwide implementation. Contact our expert sales staff for a full product demo today! Office Telesystems is an authorized NetFortris/Fonality dealer.

At Office Telesystems

We will help you find the right cloud or premise-based VoIP phone systems for your company and the best way to deploy it. There are many things that our customers need to take into consideration when designing, evaluating, and implementing a new VoIP phone system in any design. Here's a sample of what we look for:

  • Our customer’s business model
  • Customer needs and wants in a new system
  • Budget
  • Software and hardware options available
  • Single or multi-office design?
  • Network considerations

Business VoIP phone systems for any sized office

NEC SL 2100 Phone Systems

Small Business VoIP Phone Systems for Dallas-Fort Worth

Office Telesystems provides small business VoIP and digital phone systems for the Dallas, Fort Worth, the DFW area, and regionally. The most advanced multi-line small business phone systems today include Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. The 2 most prominent small business VoIP systems include hybrid VoIP phone systems and cloud (hosted) VoIP phone system design. Product choices for a small business phone system include NEC, Avaya, Fonality cloud-hosted VoIP phone systems, and more.


Enterprise VoIP Phone Systems

If you have larger business offices with 2 or more locations, you likely know by now that linking your offices via a VoIP enterprise business phone system, whether cloud or premise based, can be extremely beneficial. This design can significantly increase communication and productivity throughout your offices as well as investment return.


Used and Refurbished Phone Systems

Office Telesystems provides used and refurbished multi line phone systems in Dallas, Fort Worth, the surrounding DFW area and nationally. Office Telesystems has a huge inventory of used and refurbished multi line phones systems from small business to enterprise level from Avaya, Samsung, NEC, Vodavi and WIN and Nortel that can support up to 100 stations or more.


PBX Systems

Are you considering VoIP or digital PBX phone systems for your business in Dallas Fort Worth or in the DFW area? Though the term "PBX" is usually associated with older "legacy" phone systems, it is a term still used to describe premise based digital and VoIP phone systems today. We specialize in PBX phone systems for small businesses to enterprise level solutions for larger businesses, as well as cloud VoIP phone systems.