Vodavi Phone Systems Dallas-Fort Worth

Vodavi Phone Systems for Dallas Fort Worth

Many Vodavi (now Vertical) phone systems are no longer manufactured or supported, but are still seen in many small businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. These affordable, easy to use systems have provided years of service for many of our customers. Vodavi was purchased several years ago by Vertical Communications, with much of the Vodavi product line discontinued with no manufacturer support available. Office Telesystems is a parts and service provider for Vodavi phone systems such as the Vodavi Starplus STS and XTS, as well as replacement hardware other Vodavi Phone Systems such as the Starplus 616, 1224, Starplus Digital 816, 1428, 4896 models. Vodavi systems are primarily digital phone systems with VoIP options available in some newer models. Vodavi phone systems are expandable telephone systems primarily designed for the SMB market up to 96 stations, with the Vodavi XTS IP expandable to 492 extensions. Vodavi phone systems are easy to use and affordable used or refurbished systems. System moves and service are available, however, with some issues, you could realize extended downtime due to these systems end of life status. If you are ready to move into new technology for your next phone system, we have several options available. You can view these options in our Products section, or contact your sales representative at Office Telesystems for more details. Request a quote here.