Structured Cabling Services in Fort Worth, TX

Structured Voice Data Cabling Services in Fort Worth, TX

Office Telesystems provides structured voice, data, network and video cabling services in the Fort Worth, TX. We also support the regional area and nationally, as a subcontractor or directly for businesses. Our expert team can also manage larger low voltage cabling projects in cat 5e, cat 6 and cat 6A copper cable as well as fiber. Shielded copper cable is available for access control, sound masking, overhead paging and more. Fiber cabling is available for demarcation extension and backbone applications. Fiber is required for longer length runs over 328 feet. See below for more information on all cabling options we offer.

Office Telesystems offers the highest quality structured cabling products for your Fort Worth area install, such as Leviton, General Cable, Essex, OCC, Hubbell, Commscope and more. Office Telesystems is also a certified Elite Installer of ICC cabling products, including cable, jacks, racks and patch panels. If you have a specific brand you prefer, we can provide it. When it comes to structured voice, data network and video cabling implementations in Fort Worth, Office Telesystems follows the old adage that it’s better to do it right the first time. Cutting corners could cost your company far more than it saved by choosing an outdated cable options or design, especially in the future. Outdated low voltage cabling for your structured cabling could cripple your network, create call quality issues with your VoIP phone system and bring about the wrath of its users. And no one wants to deal with that! Choosing the right structured cabling design now will pay dividends that will provide you much more in return than the initial cost.

Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Fiber Cable Options 

Category 3 Cable

Cat 3 cable has been around for 30 plus years now and is still used in many offices and warehouses nationwide for analog and digital voice traffic. If you have cat 3 cabling, you'll need to replace it with cat 5e, cat 6 or cat 6A for higher network speed requirements and for VoIP phones and devices.

Category 5e Cable

Cat 5e has been used for network applications for over 20 years now. It is rated for up to 1GBs for shorter distances, nominally at 350MHz. The most common use today for cat 5e is for small business networks with smaller bandwidth requirements, and also for VoIP applications.

Category 6 Cable

Cat 6 cable is rated for up to 10GBs for shorter distances at 550mHz. Cat 6 has a higher twist rate in each cable pair, which provides higher transmission speed than cat 5e with less errors. It is currently the most popular choice for data networks and VoIP applications and is the superior choice when providing both on one cable.

Category 6A Cable

Cat 6A cable can be used to replace cat 6 and cat 5e for data networks with higher speed and transmission requirements. Cat 6A is a shielded cable which can double transmission speeds and extends 10GBs up to 100 meters. It is becoming more and more commonly used in environments that demand higher speeds.

Fiber Cable

For fiber cable options, OM3, OM4 and higher fiber options are available for larger bandwidth requirements or for network backbone in single and multi-mode design. RG6, HDMI and other cable options are available for video, but many video options are utilizing network cabling options such as cat 5, cat 6 and higher. This can help streamline cabling throughout your facility. Fiber is required for many cable runs over 330 ft. and can overcome the limitations of copper for longer runs.


Office Telesystems specializes in cabling with cat 5e, cat 6 and cat 6A copper cable applications, as well as single and multi mode fiber for demarcation extension and MDF to IDF applications. This includes structured cabling installation and termination on racks, patch panels, wire management and jacks. All voice, data network and video cabling is tested, or can be certified (if required) after installation to ensure you of a reliable cabling installation from the start.

Structured voice, data network and video cabling is also provided by our experienced cabling teams for overhead paging systems, audio visual systems, cloud VoIP phone systems, premise-based phone systems and other products listed in our Products section.

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