VoIP Phone Systems | Overhead Paging | A/V AND MORE FOR ANY INDUSTRY

Office Telesystems has cloud and premise-based VoIP phone systems, audio visual systems, overhead paging systems, structured cabling and other unified communication products and services for any industries needs, locally or nationwide.


Medical Phone Systems

Office Telesystems specializes in phone systems for medical clinics, medical offices, hospitals, and dental offices, with cloud and premise-based VoIP phone systems available from NEC, Avaya, Mitel and cloud phone systems (UCaaS) from NetFortris/Fonality. Service and support available.


Assisted Living Nursing

Office Telesystems specializes in cloud and premise based VoIP phone systems for assisted living facilities and nursing homes. VoIP phone systems available from NEC, Avaya, Mitel, and cloud phone systems (UCaaS) from NetFortris/Fonality are available in single and multi-office designs.


Manufacturing Plants and Facilities

For today's manufacturing plants, factories and facilities, the combination of office and warehouse environments demand the need for multiple forms of communications throughout the entire facility. Overhead paging systems, WAPS, UCaaS, access control, sound masking and more. Mobility options in a manufacturing facility can mean rapid response by mobile employees to customer calls on-site. Click Read More for the long line of products and services we can provide for your manufacturing or warehouse facility.


Hotels & Hospitality

The hotel and hospitality industry has very specific needs in a cloud or premise based VoIP phone system and can vary greatly depending on the size of your facility. Is your hotel phone system Ray Baum's Act compliant? Though many customers are using their cell phones for outbound calls, communications within your hotel via visitor room phones to various hotel services and 911 calls through your hotels VoIP PBX are vital to overall customer satisfaction and safety during their stay. 


Oil & Gas Industry

Phone systems and other unified communications for the oil and gas industry can vary greatly in size and design, starting with a small business office to the need for multi-office VoIP technology nationwide. Click Read More for more information on products and services we offer for the Oil and Gas industry.


Real Estate

Office Telesystems provides VoIP phone systems, audio visual systems, overhead paging systems and more for the Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding DFW area real estate industry. Nationwide services available.


School Districts

Office Telesystems provides schools and school districts cloud and premise based VoIP phone systems and related equipment for Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding DFW area. Related equipment includes advanced call reporting, 911 alerts, VoIP network facilities and more. Is your school district Ray Baum's Act compliant? Ask for details.


Insurance Companies

Let Office Telesystems get you the right unified communications for your insurance agency office, including cloud and premise based VoIP phone systems, audio visual systems, overhead paging, structured cabling and more! As you may already know, the insurance business, whether it be for a car, health, homeowner’s, or life insurance, is a very competitive industry. 


Law Firms or Legal Offices

Law firms, legal offices, and other legal industry facilities require high quality, easy-to-use VoIP phone systems and related products, whether they are cloud or premise-based, single or multi office in design. As a legal industry professional, effective and timely communications with your cloud or premise based VoIP phone system with clients, other attorneys, and the court system is vital to your firm's success.


Accounting Offices

Office Telesystems provides phone systems for accounting offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, the DFW area, and multi-office accounts nationally. Our exceptional service and expert personal touch with your office phone system can help distinguish your financial and accounting services business from others in the industry.


Advertising and Marketing

Today's marketing, advertising firms and public relations professionals depend on their unified communications, including phone systems, audio visual and unified communications. more than ever. VoIP phone systems and collaborative products from Office Telesystems can help you get information to clients, editors, creative and vendors in a timely and reliable manner.


Churches and Ministries

Office Telesystems is a provider of cloud (hosted) VoIP and premise based VoIP and digital phone systems, audio visual, overhead paging and more for churches and ministries of all sizes in Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW and regionally. Click Read More for more information.


Auto Car Dealerships

In regard to your automobile dealership, a business VoIP phone system and other unified communications Products available from Office Telesystems can help you create more sales from today’s automobile consumer who is as knowledgeable as ever. Click below for more information.