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Office PBX Phone Systems Dallas Fort Worth

VoIP PBX and digital phone systems are available for your Dallas-Fort Worth business and nationally. Did you know that roughly 45% of all systems in use today are premise based PBX systems? Though the term "PBX" is usually associated with traditional phone system design, it is still used to describe digital and VoIP phone systems today. We offer office PBX phone systems for small businesses to enterprise level solutions for larger businesses as well. We can provide a variety of product options, additions and services for office PBX phone systems. A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a type of business telephone system that, in the new VoIP era, could mean many types of systems. Digital PBX, hybrid IP PBX, premise based VoIP PBX or multi office PBX phone systems are just a few of the names you could see or hear, but the term generally refers to a premise based phone system design. An office PBX phone system connects company’s employees to each other via phone system extensions within the PBX itself and is tied in to your outside phone lines brought to your office by your internet service provider, or carrier. These include analog or “POTS” phone lines, PRI and SIP trunks. PBX phone systems are designed as small business phone systems (3-100 users) medium size businesses (100-250 users) and enterprise phone systems. PBX systems for larger businesses can have several thousand extensions, multiple offices and hundreds of phone lines or trunks. There are many still utilized today. All office PBX systems are designed to provide switching connectivity among telephones, fax machines, network servers, conference phones and other extensions in a company office. Today's digital PBX phone systems can offer features thought only to be available on VoIP systems, like voicemail to email integration and desktop software and other add-ons designed to integrate with CRM applications like Salesforce, ACT, Goldmine, and Microsoft Outlook and Teams.

All office PBX phone systems with a voicemail system can provide an auto attendant operator answer for inbound phone calls without the need for a live person, saving labor costs or redirecting valuable employee time to do other tasks. Auto attendant can be used at any time and is completely optional. All VoIP and digital PBX phone systems have standard calling features including call transfer, caller ID, call forwarding, voicemail, conferencing and automatic call distribution to multiple extensions and other features. New mobility options in today's digital, hybrid VoIP and cloud VoIP PBX phone systems allow employees to handle calls on the go, with features such as call routing to cell phones, cell phone apps and voicemail to email integration to iPhone and Android cell phones. Remote VoIP phones are available for VoIP PBX systems.

Many offices are still not network ready for a complete VoIP PBX system, as the VoIP desk phones require a network connection. This can prove an expensive overhaul of your network if you're not ready for it. Digital handsets on a hybrid VoIP PBX can allow you to migrate into a VoIP application without an expensive re-cable of your office, expensive PoE network switch adds or other requirements and use VoIP only where you need it. Utilize a hybrid VoIP PBX with digital phones to get the best of both VoIP and reliable, digital desk sets.

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