Premise Based VoIP Phone Systems

Office Telesystems offers premise based VoIP phone systems for Dallas Fort Worth and nationally. So what are premise based VoIP phone systems? Simply stated, premise based VoIP systems have your system server on site, rather than in the cloud. For many companies, a significant network equipment upgrade or additional network cabling is required to implement a cloud VoIP phone system. This can make a cloud VoIP phone system with VoIP phones cost-prohibitive for many businesses. With this, many companies opt for a premise based VoIP phone system, which can utilize analog, digital or VoIP phones. Examples of a premise based VoIP system are from NEC, Avaya, Mitel and other brands we support. Premise based VoIP phone systems are still very relevant in the business marketplace, representing as much as 55% of the phone system market today.

As stated, a premise based VoIP phone system is a system that can support analog, digital or VoIP technology that has the server on site, rather than the server in the cloud. A premise based phone system can also utilize devices such as conference phones, wireless options and fax machines or servers. It  utilizes traditional phone services from your carrier, such as analog lines, PRI and SIP trunks, that latter a VoIP phone line. As mentioned previously, though much of today's technology marketing is geared toward cloud VoIP phone systems, a recent research study shows premise based VoIP systems still retain as much as 55% of all new and current system purchases today. Many premise based VoIP phone system implementations utilize a mix of digital and VoIP telephones at the main office and can utilize analog, PRI, or SIP (VoIP) trunks for phone lines. VoIP technology is optional and can be used where needed, such as a 2nd office utilizing the same system server with a VoIP link to the main office server, or one or more separate servers linking back to a main server via a VoIP link. This can save you from a substantial cost in re-cabling. Check out our Products page for all of the premise based VoIP phone systems we offer, such as NEC, Avaya and Mitel.

If most of your telephones are likely to remain in the office at a desk location, VoIP telephone desk sets are not always necessary. You can significantly reduce network and cabling upgrade costs by utilizing digital telephones at this location and VoIP phones for other users, including remote users. It can make a new solution much more budget-friendly. As mentioned, you can even utilize SIP trunks, a VoIP type delivery of your phone lines, and still utilize digital telephones on your system! Premise based phone systems offer flexibility you may not find in a cloud VoIP solution.

You truly get the best of both worlds with a premise based VoIP phone system; low-cost implementation, potentially no added network considerations, VoIP network multiple locations at minimal expense, utilize existing cabling infrastructure, proven reliability, and most or all of the same features as cloud VoIP are available. You can even have easy monthly payments on a premise based VoIP system and a lower cost of ownership long term over cloud VoIP. You can expect up to 15 year life span or even more from a premise based phone system. Ask our experienced staff about how premise based VoIP systems could be the right solution for your office environment.

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