Phone System Maintenance Agreements

Phone System Maintenance Agreements

If you do not have a maintenance agreement for your phone system, paging system, audio visual, or other UC product for your Dallas-Fort Worth office, you could be putting your business at risk, especially if your equipment technology is over 7 years old.

How important is your phone system and other technology to the profitability of your office? How much revenue could be LOST if your systems were down? The lost business and repair costs could be staggering and could catch you completely unprepared. Check out these component and telephone replacement costs without a phone system maintenance agreement coverage:

  • Average CPU replacement on prem system with 10 phones $500-$1250
  • Average CPU replacement on prem system with 50 phones $1,200-2,500.00
  • Average CPU replacement on prem system with 100 phones $2,000-6,000.00+
  • Average voicemail component replacement hardware/software $500-3,000.00
  • Average telephone replacement cost $250
  • Average cost to replace all items covered when under a maintenance agreement?? $0!

Office Telesystems maintenance agreements also include software assurance coverage, keeping your system software up to date and providing manufacturer support. Is your system still manufactured? We can still cover your hardware and keep your system running until it is time to upgrade to new technology, such as Cloud VoIP, GrandstreamAvaya or other systems listed in our Products section.

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