Phone System Upgrades

Phone System Upgrades Dallas-Fort Worth

At Office Telesystems, phone system upgrades for your Dallas Fort Worth or nationwide offices play a key role in whether you love your phone system or not! Keeping up with upgrades and proper design of your system and system software to meet the office needs of your business is key. Upgrades can improve your current system design and make your equipment or software more productive for you and can quickly pay for the cost of upgrade. Upgrades can include software, hardware and firmware upgrades, even hardware. Updating your system and keeping it supported by the manufacturer can be critical for support and overall operation. This is vital to keeping your system doing its job and creating revenues.

Our phone system upgrade services begin with an in-depth analysis of your needs as a business, which allows us to implement the right upgrades and updates for your business model. Our years of experience in implementing telecommunications solutions for businesses just like yours ensures you of getting the right upgrade for the unified communications in your office. We look forward to applying our expertise for you.

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Planning the Implementation

The development of a custom designed plan and schedule will be key to successful implementation of your phone system upgrade. You’ll work with our team of experts and we request that you provide a point of contact to help us coordinate these steps:

Perform a complete site survey. A site survey is key to getting a hands on look at your upgrade needs and discuss the options with you.

Assessing your network infrastructure for VoIP applications, proper cabling

Coordinate with your carrier of telco services (analog lines, Fiber, PRI or SIP)

Discuss phone system and software upgrades, design and options with you.

Check for current software assurance.