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Office Telesystems provides assisted living and nursing homes cloud VoIP and premise-based VoIP phone systems and more in Dallas-Fort Worth and nationally. VoIP system options include NEC, Avaya, Mitel and cloud VoIP from Sangoma and NEC Univerge Blue. Service and support is also available. Other UC products we offer include audio visual systems, overhead paging systems, structured cabling, audible and visual emergency notification and more. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes are becoming more prevalent throughout the US and can range from 30 rooms to several floors and hundreds of rooms. The ability to provide phone services for tenants as well as allowing greater mobility for employees are paramount to the success of these facilities. Wireless phone options and call routing to a mobile device are critical for employees managing a large facility from end to end. Tracking phone calls in and out of the facility with a call accounting solution like Metropolis call accounting for tenant bill back, 911 notification, employee management, and toll fraud are just a few of the ways to get rapid ROI on your phone system investment.

Count on Office Telesystems to provide not only leading-edge unified communications  for your assisted living or nursing home facility, but also provide a properly designed solution to meet the needs of each individual location.

In today's work environment, the ability to support remote workers and continue business operations can be vital to your success. Today's cloud and premise-based VoIP phone systems give you the ability to quickly move your staff remotely and work from anywhere with VoIP phones, desktop, and mobile device integration. Ask us today for more details on how we can provide you a VoIP phone system quickly and without any downtime!

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