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A healthcare facilities VoIP phone system in your Dallas Fort Worth office can reduce costs and improve the quality of care. This includes medical clinics, hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, dental facilities and other doctor’s offices, including multi-office locations. We also carry audio visual systems, overhead paging, structured cabling and more. See our Products and Service pages for more information.

A recent report by the US Health and Human Services Department states that the use of unified communications networks and related products have decreased medical mistakes by 95% in the health care industry.

A comprehensive unified communications solution, including a cloud or premise-based VoIP phone system for your medical or dental office is part of that solution. Unified communications integrated with your network is now the standard for medical practices prior to, during, and after patient care. Nurses and other staff members need to be able to reach others in your building in an emergency via many different methods. If you’re not at your desk, a wireless phone or other wireless option offers mobility to handle those crucial calls or internal text messages while on the move. It is also important to keep track of communications going in and out of your office with call management software, providing accurate call reports for all call traffic. Call recording options as well. Check out our Products section.

Today’s medical and dental offices need voice, data and video technology that provides the most advanced and most reliable call routing and call management for patients and staff, day and night.

Healthcare facilities can benefit from the many different VoIP phone system designs and features available. There are many benefits to both cloud and premise based designs, paired with other UC products we offer. Contact our expert sales team and decide which is best for you. Request a quote below.

For medical and dental offices that have multiple locations, a multi office VoIP phone system in any design can allow for seamless and silent call routing between offices. We have an enhanced UC voice solution that can support all types of medical and dental practices and all size facilities, locally and regionally. See our Products page for all options available or see our request a quote page.

As mentioned, we also offer other related UC products and services, such as audio visual systems, overhead paging systems, structured cabling, voice and internet services, and more! Our Products section covers all products and services we offer.

In today's business environment, the need for VoIP phones for remote workers can come up at any moment. If you are in need of VoIP phones for remote workers, let our expert team assist you with the right solution. We can help in an instant multiple VoIP options to choose from.

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