Multi-Office VoIP Phone Systems

Office Telesystems provides multi office VoIP phone systems for Dallas-Fort Worth and nationally, in cloud and premise based  design. If your business has several offices locally, nationwide, or even worldwide, linking your offices via a multi-office VoIP system from Office Telesystems can be extremely beneficial, providing increased internal communications throughout your offices and for remote workers alike. This can provide increased productivity and return on your investment. Office Telesystems has multi-office VoIP phone systems in cloud-hosted VoIP or premise-based VoIP design to provide you options and flexibility of choice, as not every business fits the mold for one or the other. Premise based VoIP options include NEC, Avaya, and Mitel, with cloud VoIP from Sangoma and NEC Univerge Blue.

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Both cloud and premise based VoIP phone systems can be utilized in a single or multi-office design. Desktop software can be utilized with a desk phone, or as a full softphone for either solution, whether your extension is at the office or as a remote worker. With a premise based system, you have the option of using VoIP, digital or analog devices at the server site, along with a multi office and/or remote user scenario.

For cloud VoIP call center design, see the Sangoma or NEC Univerge Blue cloud platform on our Products page for more information on these business-grade Cloud VoIP solutions. Cloud can offer a robust feature set for multi office, call center, CRM integration, disaster recovery and call recording, all with one easy monthly payment.

For premise-based VoIP systems, there are two primary designs for multi-office VoIP, a server-to-server VoIP network between each site, or one centralized VoIP server linked to VoIP phones for the local and remote offices. There are also options with premised-based multi-office VoIP systems where you can use digital phones at each local server location with a VoIP link between locations, even mix and match with VoIP phones for remote users. This can reduce your reliance and expense on your IT network. Ask your expert sales representative at Office Telesystems which scenario is right for your multi-office VoIP solution.

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