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Office Telesystems provides NEC SL1100 and NEC DSX systems sales and service in Dallas Fort Worth area and regionally. Request a Quote here.

NEC SL1100

Office Telesystems provides NEC SL1100 phone systems sales and service for the Dallas Fort Worth area, regionally and nationally. Though the NEC SL1100 system is no longer manufactured or supported as of March of 2019, see NEC's upgraded model, the NEC SL2100, which can utilize your current SL1100 digital desk phones, doorboxes! Click on the NEC SL2100 name or request a quote for more info.

NEC SL1100 End of Life Announcement

NEC has announced the end of life and end of support for the NEC SL1100 effective the 31st March 2019. The NEC SL1100 began production in 2012. NEC has made way for the newer NEC SL2100 platform.

Here is the current status of the NEC SL1100 support from NEC:

  1. No new user licenses for System. You cannot add more licenses to the system.
  2. There are no more software updates  
  3. You will still be able to obtain service from Office Telesystems but with limited capacity
  4. We will have limited replacement parts available.
  5. Upgrade to the new SL2100 and you have the option to keep any SL1100 digital cards or doorbox unit.

What action do I need to take?

  1. If you are happy with your system but might expand your business after March of 2019 talk to our sales staff about options to upgrade to the new NEC SL2100 server.
  2. You'll need to upgrade to the new SL2100 if you are looking to implement SIP trunks for your voice services. SIP licenses are required to support SIP trunks so you will need to upgrade to the NEC SL2100 system.
  3. If you are happy with your NEC SL1100 and don’t think you will need to expand the system or convert to SIP trunks in the future, then you do not need to take action.

If you have further questions please contact our office and speak to one of our expert sales team.

The NEC SL2100 can be deployed as a VoIP system, digital system, or both! VoIP network 2 or more locations as you grow. The NEC SL2100 is ideal for the small business office with 5-20 stations, but will support up to 128 extensions with PRI or SIP trunking available. Features such as voicemail to email integration, call recording, digital or VoIP phones, desktop software paired with an easy to use desk phone and a mobile app make the NEC SL2100 an attractive upgrade option.

Have larger system requirements? Check out our NEC SV9100 or cloud VoIP systems page.

NEC Mobile Extension - Be in, when your out!

With Mobile Extension in the NEC SL1100 you can take calls from your office extension on your cell phone or other mobile device. Mobile Extension provides you with access to system featurs such as call transfer to and from your cell, ability to access outside lines on the system to dial from your cell, its just like being in the office while you're sitting in traffic, at another office, even on the beach! A license is not required for mobile extension utilization with PRI or SIP service on the NEC SL1100. This feature is also available on the new NEC SL2100 and NEC SV9100 systems.

Office Telesystems
Office Telesystems

NEC DSX 40 | DSX 80 | DSX 160

Though these NEC systems are only available as a refurbished system, the NEC DSX 40, 80 and 160 offer you high performance, flexibility and the ability to custom design the system to your specific small business requirements. Innovation starts with digital or VoIP telephones that feature a sleek, compact design, speakerphones, large displays and a built-in desk stand/wall mount kit with two-position angle adjustment. Executive versions of digital and VoIP telephones also offer illuminated dial pads and backlit displays and full duplex speakerphone. All NEC DSX digital telephones and consoles are available in black or white. Advanced features such as email integration and VoIP handsets are also available. Request a quote here. You can also look at our cloud VoIP systems page.