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Church and Ministry VoIP Phone Systems and More Dallas

Office Telesystems provides churches and ministries VoIP phone systems and more in Dallas-Fort Worth and nationally structured voice, data and video cabling . Office Telesystems understands that many churches or ministries have the needs of a corporate office or larger business office. Our expert staff understands to the needs of churches, ministries and related facilities.

Many larger churches or ministries of today need to have their own IT department as well, evaluating the needs of the church not only for VoIP options, but for areas such as audio visual systems (AV), overhead paging systems, prayer request lines, IT collaboration, network requirements and more. Since churches or ministries can range from a 1,500 square foot facility to rivaling the largest hotels and office buildings in size and staff, its communication needs are equally as important as well.

Office Telesystems can help your church or ministry with the most fundamental unified communications requirements to the most sophisticated VoIP applications and provide expert, professional installation along with it. Talk to our experienced sales representatives about how we've helped many churches through growth and their ever changing needs. As mentioned, we also offer other related products and services, which also include call management software, call recording systems, message on hold and more! Check out our Products section for all products and services we offer. VoIP phones for remote workers are also available!

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