Phone System Installations

Phone System Installations for Dallas-Fort Worth

Office Telesystems provides phone system installations of cloud and premise based VoIP systems for Dallas-Fort Worth and larger facility VoIP phone system installations nationwide. The planning process for a new phone system installation for your offices involves an examination of your business operations and installing a system design that matches your business operational needs. Our cloud and premise based phone system installation and design session prior to your installation allows Office Telesystems to determine the best manner in which to install your new or existing phone system, whether your new system is a digital phone system, a hybrid VoIP phone system, a multi-office VoIP system, and/or cloud VoIP phone system.

This investigation should also be paired with our business internet and voice services that offers lower-cost services from phone and internet service providers. Frequently, it is possible to reduce phone and internet services costs with new methods of delivering these services, sometimes offering multiple times the internet speed and more outbound call paths for less money. This can justify your new equipment cost.

New Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, whether in cloud phone system or premise-based VoIP phone system design, can utilize existing internet and internal phone and data cabling to keep your system investment at a minimum. If all voice and data resources are consolidated in the same space, your data equipment room is used more efficiently because only one climate-controlled, secure space is needed. Office Telesystems’ installation of digital, hybrid VoIP, or cloud/hosted VoIP phone systems can ensure you of the right phone system installation and design for your business.

We have certified technicians for voice, data, and video cabling infrastructure and design as well. Our goal with every cabling installation is to create an easy to service floor or wall-mounted rack design that is easy to troubleshoot and modify. Wire management allows for easy relocation and modification to patch panel configurations. See our structured voice, data, and video cabling page for more details.

Finally, all phone system installations should be operationally tested prior to porting telephone numbers and cutover. Office Telesystems extends installation planning to include administrator and end-user training, and later advanced training for those customers who want to take advantage of desktop applications and advanced phone system features pertinent to their application.

Office Telesystems’ courteous and professional staff help our customers gain as much productivity and efficiency as possible through installation planning, cabling installation and design, as well as complete training.

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