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Real Estate VoIP Phone Systems Dallas-Fort Worth

Office Telesystems specializes in providing cloud and premise based real estate VoIP phone systems for your Dallas-Fort Worth office, custom-designed for your specific needs. Expert, certified technician installation comes with all of our product lines. All cloud and premise based VoIP phone systems we provide, including Avaya, NEC, Mitel, and cloud phone systems from NetFortris/Fonality, represent business-grade options focused on reliability, collaboration and ease of use. Check out our Products section for all products and services we offer. Other products we carry include audio visual systems (AV), overhead paging systems and call management software.

Cloud or premise based VoIP phone systems and other related products for your real estate industry office, whether commercial, residential, mortgage, property management are an integral part of a real estate office's success.

Whether you are in the commercial or residential real estate industry, your business’s success relies on building relationships and meeting the needs of your clients. The sales process requires your accessibility by phone, whether you are at the office or remote, as does maintaining the relationship after the sale. During the sales process, missing the smallest detail can spell disaster, and being unreachable can stall a project or create an impasse in closing a deal. Your real estate office phone system and peripheral equipment should include features such as the ability to pair your cell phone with your desktop phone, including a mobile app for your cell for laptop, email integration for your voicemail, and other mobility features so you can be accessible on the go.

Maintain your private cell phone number and utilize your office direct dial (DID) number for business calls via a cell phone or laptop app that provides caller ID, extension status, transfer, conference and more.

In today's work environment, the ability to support remote workers and continue real estate business operations can be vital to your success. Cloud and premise-based VoIP phone systems give you the ability to quickly move your staff remotely and work from anywhere with VoIP phones, desktop CRM, and mobile device integration. Ask us today for more details on how we can provide you a VoIP phone system quickly and without any downtime!

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