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Benefits of Mobile Extension, Mobile Twinning, Mobile App.

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For many business owners, organization leaders, and employees alike, the telephone system in their office, whether cloud VoIP or premise based VoIP, is packed with features that are rarely utilized. Many features in today’s business telephone systems have been designed to increase productivity, productivity, customer service and seamlessly connect people anytime at anyplace.  A properly designed phone system will give you far reaching benefits you may not realize.

One feature that is valuable to those who are regularly on the go during or after working hours is Mobile Extension, also called Mobile Twinning by some manufacturers. Nearly all of today’s VoIP phone systems include this feature. Used with a mobile app, it can provide a complete system extension on your cell phone with its own extension number. The ability to be mobile and communicate with your customers and co-workers alike can dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of an office. Premise based VoIP Systems such as the Avaya’s IP Office, Mitel MiVoice, NEC SV9100 and SL2100, along with NetFortris/Fonality Hosted VoIP all come with the ability to link your cell phone or mobile device to your office extension. Many systems allow you to call back into the office from your mobile device and use your extensions direct number caller ID to call out from mobile device on your office phone system lines! Using this method presents the caller identification as if the call was being made from your desk. Not only does this preserve your personal contact information, but also appears more professional. This feature can also be used with a mobile app, provided by the system manufacturer or cloud VoIP provider. A mobile app will provider additional features to better utilize your phone as an extension, including one touch dialing, caller ID from the office rather than your cell phone (great for cell phone number privacy) conferencing and more.

There are many benefits to Mobile Extension/Mobile Twinning or a mobile app. With this feature your extensions direct number becomes your one-number access. Therefore, anyone who tries to reach you only needs one phone number to call and you can keep your cell phone number private.

How often have you been on an hour long drive back to the office hoping that important call doesn’t get missed? With Mobile Extension/Mobile Twinning and good cell phone service or WiFi, you can be reached regardless. If an incoming call is not answered at the mobile extension, it will utilize your office voicemail. If a Mobile Extension/Mobile Twinning/mobile app call is answered, users can transfer the call, place on hold, or even engage in a conference call. Check to see if your system is set up with this option. PRI or SIP trunk services are usually required for proper operation of this feature on premise based systems.
Other desktop phone features that can be accessed by Mobile Extension/Mobile Twinning/mobile app users include Do Not Disturb, Station and System Speed Dial, Internal Group Paging, Meet Me Answer, Voice Over, Account Code, Park Hold, and Park Hold Answer.
Having the ability to conduct business, professionally and while on the go, can be critical to your business success. Those who travel regularly, take personal time off, or possibly have an unforeseen circumstance come up can all benefit from this useful mobility feature. With the flexibility of Mobile Extension/Mobile Twinning or mobile app, the benefits are endless. Ask one of our sales experts about how this feature can benefit your business today at (972) 484-4900 or (817) 529-1700, (844) 544 4900. toll free, or visit our website at