Many customers who operate call centers or inbound service centers are interested in ways to connect their phone system, whether cloud or premise based VoIP, with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, such as Salesforce, Act, Goldmine, Sugar and others. In this blog we will discuss the various ways to integrate phone systems with CRM and benefits of CRM integration, along with chat, conference, whiteboarding and other features.

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Initiate outbound calls from a CRM application, WebPage, Outlook

NetFortris Fonality Cloud VoIP

Click-to-Call, Highlight Dial and more

Systems such as the NetFortris/Fonality Call Center Edition software includes a feature called Click-to-Call which allows you to hyperlink the phone numbers in your web based CRM applications contacts so that when you click the phone number, it originates an outbound call from your extension telephone. Other CRM integration tools such as NEC’s UC Suite can provide similar integration.

Programs like Outlook that use a standard TAPI interface will be able to initiate calls from your contacts using CRM integration software from NetFortris Fonality, Ayava, NEC and Mitel products we carry.


To initiate a call on a VoIP phone from an instruction page on a Windows-based software PC or laptop, a TAPI interface, which is available on many digital and VoIP systems, can be used. This is useful if a CRM application running on a desktop or laptop would like to place a call through the VoIP system to the associated employee’s desk phone.
A TAPI driver is included in most CRM integration software for this functionality. It was developed in order to give the Microsoft dialer built into numerous tools (Including Microsoft Outlook) access to place calls through your phone system. 

  1. Support will be restricted to only manufacturer tested Windows versions and service packs.
  2. Support hours will be coordinated in advance by appointment only. 

Screen Pop/Web Launcher

Systems such as the Netfortris/Fonality cloud VoIP may include an optional software program named HUD Web Agent that is used to identify inbound calls by Caller-ID information in your CRM, among many other things. One of the features of HUD is a setting called “Web Launcher” that will allow you to open up a custom configured URL automatically in a web browser window when a call comes in. You can pass the Caller-ID number to your web application in a variable to allow you to look up your customer information by Caller-ID information. Also available, along with caller-ID number information, is the caller-ID name and the extension number of the extension receiving the call.
You can configure the URL to match the URL needed to integrate with your web-based CRM application. We know of customers using this to pull up customer/opportunity records in SugarCRM and CRM systems using this feature.

Software CRM integration from Avaya, NEC, Mitel and NetFortris/Fonality allow for incoming calls to “Screen Pop” contact information directly onto your PC or laptop screen in your existing CRM. VoIP deskphones and IP Softphones can provide this capability, whether from a hosted or on premise VoIP offering. Ask one of our expert sales reps for more information.

Open a URL when placing an Outbound call

Similarly to the functionality described above, many CRM Integration tools will allow you to open up a custom configured URL automatically in a web browser window when a call is originated from within your CRM software. You can pass the caller-ID number of the number being dialed to your web application in a variable to allow you to look up your customer information by caller-ID information. Also available, along with caller-ID number information, is the caller-ID name and the extension number of the extension placing the call.

Detailed Call Records

For some CRM integrations, the logged historical records of each call are needed in order to compile a history of calls between customers and agents. Although this is an advanced, customized integration that will be very specific to your CRM application, we do sometimes get requests for this. You can collect the call data records (CDR) from your call accounting system in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format and insert them into a database of your choice, or store them in the software with a specified PC or laptop design with adequate storage to handle your call reporting achives. Products such as Metropolis Office Watch, Office Watch XT and Profit Watch are considered the very best in the industry for management of historical call data. For many desktop software applications, this information can be provided in call records for the individual user as well.

Custom Call Routing and Special Configuration

Many call centers operate multiple queues, and want to be able to intelligently route calls to different Queues using number dialed (DID) or by more specific information entered by the customer. The NetFortris/Fonality Call Center Edition already includes a Call Sequence item named “Go to Submenu by Number Dialed” that you can use to route calls based on what phone number was dialed by the caller. However, sometimes more intelligent routing is desired for applications like the following:

  • Prompt caller for contract number, and be routed to a priority queue if they have an active contract in your database.
  • Look at the caller-id of the inbound caller, and look up what state in the US they are calling from, and route them to the closest local office.
  • Prompt the user to enter their zip code to be routed to your nearest retail store.
  • Integration with your logistics system to allow customers to know when shipments are due to arrive.
  • Allow lookup of billing information (last payment received, remaining balance, next payment due date, etc.
  • Other features in cloud and premise based VoIP systems desktop software offerings include conference calling, chat between extensions, whiteboarding a Microsoft Office file for training and other features.
  • Voice recognition and text to speech voice synthesis features are available, along with other custom integrations. Each project is proposed based on custom requirements and is offered using fixed rate pricing based on engineering time required to perform the integration. 

All of the above (and more) are available from Office Telesystems are available via cloud VoIP and premise based VoIP offerings. For cloud VoIP, Office Telesystems is your authorized NetFortris Fonality dealer for local and nationwide implementation.

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