Can Cloud VoIP Phone Systems Run When your Internet is Down?

When you have a Cloud VoIP Phone System, you expect to have a variety of features available to you when you need them, such as apps for mobile devices, chat messaging, video conference calls, CRM integration and more. VoIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol”. This is a phone system that uses the internet instead of standard voice phone lines to send and receive calls. We are asked by many customers, “if the internet service in our office is down, will our cloud VoIP system be down?” The answer is while that is a possibility, there are things that can be done to ensure it’s operation regardless of down internet service.

Mobile Devices, Apps

Cloud VoIP systems can utilize an app on your mobile device that can utilize either WiFi or even cellular internet service. This app can be an extension on your cloud VoIP system. If your internet goes down, you can utilize this app for incoming or outgoing calls from your Cloud VoIP service.

Backup internet service, SD-WAN

A backup internet service can be extremely valuable in the event of a primary internet service failure. It can keep your cloud VoIP system functioning when your primary is down. SD-WAN is a service that many carriers provide that combines 2 internet services together so you can use the total of both services, or as a failover to one if the other fails. This is also called redundancy. This helps ensure maximum uptime of your cloud VoIP. Mobile internet options can also be utilized.

Battery Backup

Cloud VoIP Systems utilize your network like other network components, such as PC’s, laptops, mobile devices and others. By including a battery backup on your network for components such as routers, network switches and wireless access points, your network will continue to operate in case of a power failure.

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