Why Does Your Office Need Call Accounting or Call Management Software?

Why do You Need Call Accounting in your Office?

Here are 20 reasons why you need call accounting on your cloud or on premise phone system to track calls: Request a Quote

1. Detect fraudulent phone activity. Track questionable inbound and outbound calls, helping you quickly detect problems and avert risks.
2. Reduce Labor Cost by identifying peak calling times, adjust staff accordingly
3. Alerts on defined trigger patterns for calls like 911, 411 and other sensitive numbers. Get 911 notification by extension, text, phone call, on screen.
4. Facilitate timely client billing and cost recovery. Set time/date for billing reports that automatically calculate usage and cost by client, tenant or partner.
5. Scheduled reports. Email reports automatically based on preset criteria, allowing managers to respond immediately to call volume changes. This can reduce your labor costs.
6. Measure calling campaign responses and effectiveness. Know where your prospects are calling from and to which campaign or ad they are responding to.
7. Analyze call traffic. Capacity planning tools help you identify peak calling times and who’s calling. What-if analysis allows you to balance infrastructure needs and take proactive measures to ensure uninterrupted and efficient phone service.
8. Flexible call costing & time-billing-flexible options for bill back.
9. Trunk analysis-eliminate underutilized trunks for cost savings
10. Multi-site capability providing consolidated or individual office reporting 
11. Export reports to multiple formats like Excel, Word, PDF, HTML (to view using web browser on the internet from web folders)
12. Call costing with user-programmable rate plans and rate tables
13. Automatic scheduling of all reports and data archival
14. Time billing reports based on hourly consulting rates
15. Completes the feedback loop on agent productivity and phone presence, telemarketing efforts and service levels
16. Understand call distribution (IN/OUT) for agents during various times in the day and days of the week by category
17. Wildcard searches for random/specific calls, information
18. Import contact information from ASCII files generated by Outlook, etc.
19. Network-based remote and consolidated multi-site reporting capability.
20. A complete multi purpose call management tool

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