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Auto Industry Car Dealerships VoIP Phone Systems Dallas

Office Telesystems provides the auto industry and car dealerships with VoIP phone systems, audio visual, overhead paging, structured voice, data, video cabling and more in Dallas-Fort Worth and nationally.

With so much information about their vehicle of interest at their disposal on the internet, customers come to automobile or car dealerships informed and prepared.

With many new customers, visits to multiple car dealerships is standard practice, and retaining interest once a prospect has left your car dealership can be challenging. Staying in touch by phone, and most importantly not missing their call, is critical to making the sale. Does your automobile dealership telephone system help you close sales? Car dealership VoIP phone systems from NEC, Avaya, Mitel and cloud phone systems from Sangoma and NEC Univerge Blue can help your car dealership close more business by connecting you when your mobile or out of the office. This can include mobile app and text options, direct dial and more.

Office Telesystems product offerings are available for small, single location and large, multi-facility dealerships alike in cloud and premise based design. We also offer other related products and services, such as audio visual systems, overhead paging systems, call management software, call recording systems and more! Check out our Products section for all products and services we offer.

In today's work environment the ability to support remote workers and continue business operations at your auto industry car dealership can be vital to your success. Cloud and premise based VoIP phone systems give you the ability to quickly move your staff remotely and work from anywhere with VoIP phones, desktop and mobile device integration. Ask us today for more detail on how we can provide you a VoIP phone system quickly and without any downtime!

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